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Welkom op de website van Michiel Erasmus

Deze site is een showcase van mijn ervaringen op gebied ondernemend en ICT'er zijn

Mijn Bio

Autodidactisch selfmade ICT'er vanuit HBO Financieele Management naar Functioneel ICT Ondernemer


Implementatie van VoIP centrale, Besparen op arbeidskosten, Rapporteren over productiviteit.


Gesprekken met ICT' ers die uw onderewg naar werk of sporten kunnen afluisteren.


Verhalen en ervaringen op afdeling ICT.

  • Michiel provides an invaluable service for those of us starting out in the Business Analyst profession. The Business Analyst podcast is informative, insightful, and entertaining. Michiel’s enthusiasm and passion for the Business Analyst role indicates he will go far in his career.and embellish content. Chinh PhanCOO at ChartSwap
  • This is a fantastic industry contribution and Michiel puts in a huge amount of effort to realize it. Through what is essentially a volunteer project, Michiel's efforts demonstrate a passion for the emerging role, a desire to learn and a commitment to overcome the trials and tribulations that face a Business Analyst. Joe NewbertMD at BCMG: Business analysis training & consulting
  • I would just like to thank Michiel for the outstanding work he has put into his Business Analyst Podcast. Being new in the the BA field it really gave me an excellent insight into the field, and each month it continues to provide me with relevant information to help my career. Greg VineyBusiness Analyst at JobAdder
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